Soul Seekers

There once lived a spirit King who ruled the soul world in peace, justice and harmony, the spirit king was revered and loved by the people of the world but the love he got from the people bore the hate of some of the world’s royal families. In their greed for knowledge and power, they plotted to have the spirit King assassinated so as to attain power over his dominion.

One night, the spirit king was invited to a ball where he met the most beautiful woman he has ever seen… it was love at first sight, for the very first time in his existence he had chosen to let somebody in, both of them became so close and so in love that a month later, they decided to get married

On his wedding night soldiers sneaked into his castle and started to lay siege to it, the spirit King woke up to the noise and tried to move but he was paralyzed from head to toe, the spirit King watched in horror and heartbreak as the woman he thought was in love with him took an engraved dagger and plunged it into his heart… he lost his human form.

But even in death, the spirit king swore Vengeance towards all the people that betrayed him and that fueled his rage. The spirit King’s soul became tainted by Darkness and he became a dark spirit and unleashed his Wrath upon the soul world.

After nearly destroying half of the world, the spirit king and the spirits he unleashed upon the world were captured and he was placed within a pendant where he lay dormant, waiting for the day when he will be released and he will unleash his Vengeance once more taking back all that was taken from him.

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