Cover Art for Stars


When you look up at the stars

What do you see?

Sorry, that was quite rude of me

I was supposed to tell you what I see first

After all, it’s only common courtesy

Well, it’s a bit complicated but here goes…

The stars serve as a constant reminder

That my view of life is too small to be right

It is but a simple cog in a much bigger machine

In order to understand this bewildering sight

I must go beyond me

Into the world of nothingness

Where all perspectives go to sleep

A world which’s entrance fee

Turns the rich and brave’s legs to jelly

A price no sane man will be willing to pay

To forsake their egos, selves, and souls

This I add, they may never find again…

Beyond fear lies peace

I used to believe

But after one or two dips

I must say

I disagree…

So now I ask you

What do you see when you look up at the stars at night?

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