Cover art for Paths


I walk on a path, placed on a plankI’m living my lifeWishing for an outcomeIn this life or the nextI beseech the yearningIn the hearts of all I walk on eggshellsHoping they don’t breakI see a soul Yearning for vengeanceI see a man alone on a pathA path not meant for A weak mind like his I …

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Cover art for the Forest of Hiluwa

Forest of Hiluwa

A story from an endless valley of night,a tale not known to those from the light.A forbidden motivator,a source of great grief,an unending painthat births the villain’s song. A forest of blessingscalling upon itself the greed of men.A hideout for those of couragelike The Dauntless. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Solomon's Veil

Solomon’s Veil

Shady dealings between beings could be prohibited?A myth of Solomon stated, placing fear within the hearts of gods, men and spirits alike. The absolute disparity between them all enriches their lives and gives them meaning and they all agreed that a reality in which man was left in solitude would be the birth of much …

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Cover art for Dona's Path

Dona’s Path

Dona’s pathis not one meant for the deceitful,she hates the sight of thosewho prey on the weakwho simply carry in their hearta wish. Instead, it is meant for the lost and feeble, Those who can’t seem to fight the sovereignty of the mighty, to these innocent favored souls, she offers her hand and guides them …

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Cover art for the Sea's Breath

The Sea’s Breath

The undulating waves of the oceansforge the soul. The chaos and pain,ignites desiresfar more intensethan anythingI have ever seen. That’s why I hate it,for all men must fall,some get grand endingsand some are given disgrace… so I can’t help but hate desiresthat burn too brightlyif they can’t burn eternally Leave a like if you enjoyed …

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