The calm lands of ‘Vandel’ explored freedom, their economy, the pace of living, activities, and everything else was controlled by high school counsels.

Each council head had taken over the position from their parents, through violent takeovers or absolute authority, forcing everyone to submit.

Every era was decided based on the ruler, if he was kind and lenient, there was peace. If he was greedy, there would be poverty. If he was strong, there would be stability. In the midst of this chaos, the young excelled at reckless indulgence and by nature, owned the crown. The elders move behind the scenes as times passed, and elected the young as their faces, indulging the young in their desire to prove themselves.

In a society of such coming, a lonely girl walks home again, and as she makes her third turn left, there are a few hostile people standing there but she’ll pay them well and continue on home.

Her father and mother were coming back today and she had to make dinner and she was in a hurry…

After prepping the table, she heard a knock on the door. She looked up at the clock, 8:00 pm exactly, punctual as always. She opened up the door and let them in, her mother hugged her and her father hung both their coats. The dinner was lovely, they talked about the current balance and their own balance.

Balance was how they discerned eras’ and her parents’ time was one of the most extravagant of them all. Her mother babbled on and on about their adventures and her daughter smiled knowing how her balance was a far cry from theirs.

Soon after, dinner, her parents got ready to leave. Her father stopped at the door and tried to ask his daughter a question but after taking one look into her eyes, he said ‘never mind” and left with his wife. The girl closed her door after waving goodbye and walked calmly to her wardrobe.

She pulled open the two large doors and started to kit up. She had three more minutes to get ready before her home was attacked, that’s what the notice she had gotten this morning, said.

After packing two pistols, a few cartridges, and her katana. She walked out to her balcony and looked at the moon and smiled like it was the last time she was ever going to see it.

She then gently put on her mask and climbed onto the railings and took a deep breath… and let it out. She could hear their cars coming from within the city, their hold was strong, so traffic was out of the question. As their cars circled around the apartment complex in front of her own and to the front of her building, she smiled and took a dive….

As she fell, she closed her eyes and accepted her death. Moments before she could hit the ground, her body remembered that suicide was not permitted in her line so she turned just in time and landed on her feet, cracking the ground.

The cars parked far from her to give them an advantage. Gunmen jumped out and started firing but death by the hand of another was not permitted for her also, so she ran from the bullets. They continued to fire but attacking an opponent that was running was rude so she slashed them.

Standing there in the middle of the fallen bodies she took off her mask and started crying knowing she had once again committed suicide…

The bodies were taken away by the clean-up crew and the next morning, she got up early and wrote her suicide note, mailed it to her parent again, hoping to piss them off, before heading out to school…

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