Cover Art for Evil Forest

Evil Forest

At a time of great sorrow in the humble lands of Africa, a phenomenon was taking place. Children were being born, children who could see and do things that others couldn’t… whenever anyone touched, insulted or so much as looked down at anyone of these children, an unlikely accident befell them… The people of the …

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Cover Art for White Rat

White Rat

Tough! He thought he was… But I didn’t scare As he stood there boldly With his cutlass in the air A lot of my brethren, had been put to rest With that same glistening edge Reflecting the moon He took a step forward But I didn’t care With no energy in the world I just …

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Cover Art for Hero


Walk the talk They say on my world But those who do Fall way too soon This path I tread with nothing but bread Fills my loved one’s eyes with tears To return, I refuse… The forward button I continue to use A path of blood and carnage Endless sinking and sinking of self This …

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