Cover art for A tale of one

A Tale of One

I will start a tale like no otherI will start a story like no otherWouldn’t you preferA story that starts with a quotePerfectly suited for itThan have one completely devoid of oneA loner’s Tale is a tale of oneA story of many Many might see whereThe story startedMany might see whereA tale endedBut even an …

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Cover art for the reincarnated

The Reincarnated

They would dine the paths of Anubis And be reborn anew in the Soul world Imbibed with the blessings of the spirit realm Soul seekers Is what they were calledThey stood at the top of the food chainWithin their planet of souls and spiritsEmbodying each spirit, wielding each soul Each with its own powerEach with …

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Cover art for fabouya


Like many other families, they reigned supreme in the shadowsHoarding knowledge and magic for themselvesWhile preaching a greater purposeBut of all their shortcomings and regretsNone was like the Spirit King to beWho sought an end to their evil ways. In their Arrogance, Pride, and ignoranceThey tempted fate and tried to end his life, like many …

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Cover art for Digit


He held down the universeFor as long as he could rememberEons was the only thing that couldDescribe his tenureFor the gift he stole for mankindFrom the gods One day within his solitudeA young god came to himUnlike he had ever seenHe preached about idealsHe preached about revolutionHe preached about freedomHe had views he hadn’t seen …

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Cover art for the third gate

The Third Gate

The third gate was hers aloneWith withered feathersShe soared heights nobody knewIn the name of what’s right and what’s justShe killed and trampledWithout reason with no doubtShe always spoke of loyalty and dutyTo one’s cause, she never doubted herselfNever even wavered in the face of despairAlways the first to pick a sword and the last …

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Cover art for the goddess frey

The Goddess Frey

The girl who dreams, the goddess Frey, The young girl walked through the hall unknown to her whom she stood before.“do you know who they are?”Said the god draped in rags“No” she said innocentlyThey are the fallenThey are the first menThey are the withinthey are Calling the name of thosewho are long forgottenthey ravage the …

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Cover art for Bubbling Rage

Bubbling Rage

When the darkness is at its deepest Is when we can clearly remember the light When man was at a loss The tree bloomed and bored fruits When gods became arrogant godly men were born Every great evil will forever be counteredeven in the realm that claims to be eternal As scourges of their evil …

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