Cover art for the Sea's Breath

The Sea’s Breath

The undulating waves of the oceansforge the soul. The chaos and pain,ignites desiresfar more intensethan anythingI have ever seen. That’s why I hate it,for all men must fall,some get grand endingsand some are given disgrace… so I can’t help but hate desiresthat burn too brightlyif they can’t burn eternally Leave a like if you enjoyed …

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Cover art for Hidden Light

Hidden Light

After a great instant explosion,there was a silence that echoed through the land.As many regained their senses,they remembered a shadow that kept them companyduring the darkness in-betweenthat felt like eons. Feeling like they had lost a friend,all ventured in search of himbut he was never found,instead they met a young girl,a child of Ingrel.Who told …

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Cover art for Goblin's Sacred Nest

Goblin’s Sacred Nest

Bard sounds could be heardall along the goblin’s sacred nestas they jollied around enjoying the companyof those blessed by goodness and truth. Meanwhile the pirate crew that hailed from them,sailed the universal seaspreparing themselves ever the morefor what was to come. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Seiran's Pain

Seiran’s Pain

When the Headmistress was youngerand still my little girl,she asked me of Lucy,the girl who called forth hell.I was scaredso I told her not to follow in her footstepsbut children hardly ever listen to the old. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Heavy Shoulders

Heavy Shoulders

Every elf chosen and blessedby the goddess of his realmfaces the death of soul. Overwhelmed by the burden of righting wrongsand maintaining the balance simply because,doesn’t turn out to beenough motivation to withstand the painbut the goddesses keep them strong and healthyfor all of timeas their soul’s flameslowly deteriorates… Leave a like or comment if …

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