Tag Apocalyptic

Last Gaze

Cover Art for Last Gaze

There once was a little girl… from the moment she opened her eyes, they shined brightly with curiosity staring intently at anything the world had to offer. She could sit looking at a tree or the ground for hours simply…

The Blacksmith

Cover Art for The Blacksmith

Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a blacksmith who loved to invent, the blacksmith invented everything from weapons to cutleries to everything. The blacksmith’s inventions became so great that each one of them was sold…

The Princess in the Bulb

Cover Art for Princess in the Bulb

Long ago there was a fairy princess who yearned to see the outside world, winters came and winters passed as the fairy princess watched from her castle window… One day, the fairy princess left her kingdom and entered the human…

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