Cover art for Goblin's Sacred Nest

Goblin’s Sacred Nest

Bard sounds could be heardall along the goblin’s sacred nestas they jollied around enjoying the companyof those blessed by goodness and truth. Meanwhile the pirate crew that hailed from them,sailed the universal seaspreparing themselves ever the morefor what was to come. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Seiran's Pain

Seiran’s Pain

When the Headmistress was youngerand still my little girl,she asked me of Lucy,the girl who called forth hell.I was scaredso I told her not to follow in her footstepsbut children hardly ever listen to the old. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Legacies


Stories are meant to guide, shareor tell a tale of grandeur. This is what I believebut not quite always,for many a-times some use it as a mediumto twist the fabrics of history,or the intricate minds of children. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Standoff


You go first,no you go first.Each one yelled to the other,as before them stood Red Hicky,the born killer. Guard dog of the gods,soiled hands and boots,with a soul everyone knew was damned. The presence of men like himmight seem vile to some,but a few others saw themas gate keepers between good and evil. Leave a …

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Cover art for Fiora The first

Fiora The First

The Soul world was unlike that of othersIt was filled with spiritsMany sought them outClaiming them for themselvesEmbodying them within their Will and essence Calling themselves Soul SeekersThey made pacts and bonded with these spiritsBut her, unlike the remaining in Her world, She sought them out to subjugate themEnslaving them within her will and essenceShe …

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