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Cover art for Blessed Souls

Blessed Souls

For many eons,many have raised their morals high,kept their hearts cleanand done right by any and everyone.Such souls were blessed and earneda sixth sense for the truth,leaving broken lies in their wake. In the basin, where goddesses dwell,there is a conversation that rang a bell,a base philosophy from the inhabitants of Volenwas common knowledge and …

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Cover art for Path to Dua'at

Path to Dua’at

Hurry to the gatesand tell the people of the landthat Ra’s chariotis fast approaching the horizon. Tell them that Seth has failed once againto send the intercession that will guide him through,tell them…the banquet is still far ahead. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Envying the Heavens

Envying the Heavens

When Vlad traveled across the seaand saw what his masters were planning,the creatures they had createdand the blessings they were given,he felt betrayed and sought to take everythingfor himself and his kin.Expelling gods from the world,Now and forever more. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Epistimones The Wise

Epistimones: The Wise

The believers of those left behindby their rulers like Zeus,Athena, and Vladwere strongand they were borderline fanatics unlike Aries worshippers whose accursed beingsharbored only hateand disgust towards him.Desiring a world in which he could feel their wrath,it led them to the Epistimones. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Glowing Path

Glowing Path

You asked for all to be laid bareso you could see,you asked questions you didn’t want answers tooand blamed us for a misfortuneyou brought upon yourself. Now you will be from among the chosenwho bear my staff,my mercy and wrath…pick one from among the endless realms and begin your trial. Leave a like or comment …

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Cover art for the red emperor

The Red Emperor

In one life, he was a warrior and an Emperor. He conquered the tribes of men and WithinsIn another a leader and a revolutionary Fought for the freedom of his brethren even if it meant deathIn his first life he fell against all he stood for, and betrayed all those who stood with him.After falling …

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