Cover art for the cursed child

The Cursed Child

Two Mending sunriseRepaired my broken soulDividing a shooting starUnleashed a rage within my soul Bind my words and bind my actionsFor the best version of me is yet to comeThe chains of my fatherThe chains of my worldI will break them all in the face of adversity Fading kisses and broken promisesIs all that remains …

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Cover art for trickstars


In no man’s landI will live a life hoping to be rememberedTell a tale no one will hearWhisper words carried by the airCall for help, helped by noneUnleash a rage unknown to othersPlead for my existence knowingIt’s the right thing to do. It’s not about the powerYou think you possessWeakness comes in different formsSome exact …

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Cover art for arm of aries

Arm of Aries

Once upon a time a director once told me a story but I never believed himhe said The sky ran red tainted by the blood of their enemiesThe ground was covered in endless corpses Sides were pitched against one another, consumed by the war monger’s mightMen fought and Daemons fell, And the pride of the …

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Cover art for Assurance


I will weave a tune, for a thousand voicesPaint it in bright colors of Deceit and painHoping that one person will hear my true sorrowsHoping that, that person will be my saviourHoping that, that person will bring me HarmonyAssuring myself that my journey will finally come to an endKnowing a thousand versions of me have …

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Cover art for rise


we pride ourselves in our souls honorWe seek valor in our war of soulsDeath and bloodshed is nothing new to meFor on this war front I’ve claimed my title, General.For on this day I seek a joy only felt in warAnd as the drums of War echoesDarkness and Deceit festers, In our homes and our …

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Cover art for the 11th

The 11th

I call upon the 11thWraith of EnslavementLet all those who are scorchedBy your essencebind to your willFor all those who seekTo taunt time shall fallBy your swordLet them be enslavedForever within timeForever with no timeAnd as no doubt clouds my sightLet your will be knownbringing forth eternal slavery. Leave a like or a comment if …

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