Fantasy Thriller

Cover art for Glowing Path

Glowing Path

You asked for all to be laid bareso you could see,you asked questions you didn’t want answers tooand blamed us for a misfortuneyou brought upon yourself. Now you will be from among the chosenwho bear my staff,my mercy and wrath…pick one from among the endless realms and begin your trial. Leave a like or comment …

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Cover art for Tommy's Prife

Tommy’s Pride

Champion the ideals of a mad man,follow the blacksmith’s trail…chase the lockers of myth,chase the throneless kingdom. Sit upon the throne Tommyand this time, for good,everyone will fear you for all eternityas the winner of the race. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for the red emperor

The Red Emperor

In one life, he was a warrior and an Emperor. He conquered the tribes of men and WithinsIn another a leader and a revolutionary Fought for the freedom of his brethren even if it meant deathIn his first life he fell against all he stood for, and betrayed all those who stood with him.After falling …

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