Cover art for Ra's Legacy

Ra’s Legacy

‘Burn Brightly and Fiercely with truth’were inscribed boldly upon the throne of Ra,passed down from generation to generation,from king to king. The words were boldbut many started to forget it’s significance.What was the connection between their truthand that of the Executionerswho rallied upon the tree of justice and truth Leave a like or comment if …

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Cover art for The God Killer

The God Killer

Sealed within petals, integraStayed with a rage of endless soulsDevoured by the anguish of anotherBounded by darkness she seeksEternal Death and Chaos uponHer wielder’s soul. To seek a life unknown to herShe awaits a wielder that willFinally bring an end to her madness Olaremi, soaked in red, bathed in bloodThe autumn leaves shall fallHardened by …

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Cover art for Divine


Enslavement is not oursNeither is FreedomOur duty is to ourselvesAnd to all we areVirtue upon the thrones of heavens Though the throne of menRemain short and smallWe are the pinnacle of our existenceAnd man is just anotherBeing reaching for the heavensBut we are already within the horizon No mortal shares our painNo mortal shares our …

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Cover art for Bubbling Rage

Bubbling Rage

When the darkness is at its deepest Is when we can clearly remember the light When man was at a loss The tree bloomed and bored fruits When gods became arrogant godly men were born Every great evil will forever be counteredeven in the realm that claims to be eternal As scourges of their evil …

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Cover art for Unbeatable Light

Unbeatable Light

Abu-Syna was a being that tormentedthe minds of those who thought themselvessupreme and mightybut for the fairies who believed themselves weak,he was a saviour,a guide, and a protector. When the entanglement that engulfed the universereached their end, and the greed of men spilled over.A great many fairies forsake their path of purityand called forth their …

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Cover art for Seth's Creed

Seth’s Creed

For every age,the worshippers of the red sunand his descendantsfought at the side of the bravest child,Seth. Facing calamitiesand taking the hardest decisionsfor all of Ra’s children. Facing off against thosewho resisted their kingand blocked his path to Duat,earning themselves invitationsto the eternal banquet. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

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