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King Tommy of Orbious

Cover art for king tommy of orbious the lotus

The race of eternity, Tommy has finally made itHe has finally crossed that boundaryThe throne less kingdom isNo longer without a rulerThe Eternal Guardian has fallen And Tommy has broken curses upon cursesWoes of a lifetime crossing ages and time…

The Red Emperor

Cover art for the red emperor

In one life, he was a warrior and an Emperor. He conquered the tribes of men and WithinsIn another a leader and a revolutionary Fought for the freedom of his brethren even if it meant deathIn his first life he…

Mau’s Legacy Against the Tide

Cover art For Mau's Legacy against the Tide

The home of Chaos Energyand the birth place of its theoryheld great malice against the cat.It’s docile nature went againstthe fabric of their world,despite this,certain believers held these creatures closeand lived with them. A-times when their owners were oversleeping,lost in…


Cover art for Hope

One of me is trappedThe other is freeIn each of their ways they are still searchingBut sadly not for meSo they remain lost I am the bridgeI am the linkI am the path that leads to tomorrowThe forgotten pieceThe selfless…

Son of the Sun

Cover art for Son of the Sun

Do not call my captain ignorantDo not call him a boyHe might have been absent when the era changedBut he was not free Only a fool like yourself would believeThat a son of Prometheus would feel comfort and peace in…

Rattling Chains

Cover art for Rattling Chains

What is this silence I hearThis chaos I feelAfter all that has been doneHow could they tell me to sit stillWho gave them more freedom than IMy arms still moveMy legs are not in chainsMy mind is free and I…

Lucy and The Queen’s Guild

Cover Art for Lucy and the queens guild1
Maybe is my Karma and all the curses they’ve laid upon my soul but here I am beaten broken and tattered. Outsmarted unable to win in a battle of wits, unable to break all these chains and thoughts holding down, I who thought myself powerful now understands where my weakness truly lies and where my hubris hid.

Stained Vampir

Cover art for Stained Vampir

Trapped in a body that sins by default Taking blood from another to sustain itself In a universe that gives strength to the wicked And beats down the good A sign of hope I still see Of the rumored gods…


Cover art for Anubis

Anubis was a lover boy He got along with his siblings Although he was above them Not just with his head and shoulders but his feet too He was the pride of his father The savior and supporter of several…

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