Cover art for the third gate

The Third Gate

The third gate was hers aloneWith withered feathersShe soared heights nobody knewIn the name of what’s right and what’s justShe killed and trampledWithout reason with no doubtShe always spoke of loyalty and dutyTo one’s cause, she never doubted herselfNever even wavered in the face of despairAlways the first to pick a sword and the last …

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Cover art for the seventh gate

The Seventh Gate

Her love was her ‘s aloneBut she knew not the cagesHer rage could offerShe tasted the forbidden fruitAnd all was bare to her mindShe knew it nowExactly what she needed to beAnd who she needed to beHer pride sailed beyond expectationsHer spirit had no boundsHer spite knew true horrorsHer wrath was eternalThe seventh gate was …

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Cover art for the marked child

The Marked Child

Walk away my childMy story is yet to be toldThe path you are onIs one that will eventuallyLead you to me A path taken,A path not yet reachedYou are not ready yetMeet the icy witchDefeat your adversariesOvercome your fears Show them what the bestOf both worlds could offerThen become the bestVessel you can becomeInsuring my …

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Cover art for Chasing the red sun

Chasing the Red Sun

After the first king,bounded under the red sun,built his legend and legacy.Many rose from the various landsseeking his treasure from a landfar beyond their mortal reaches. Lost in their egos,all ventured forwardto the castle under the red sunbut many turned aroundafter seeing the outskirts of the castle,covered in thousands of withered bonesand bloodstained armours.No man …

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Cover art for Blind Gifted

Blind Gifted

From among the gifted ones of the evil forest,there were several with abnormal abilities.The oracles, aware of the larger worldand all that was at staketrained them tirelessly,and for their own good… but many still ran awayand tried their hardest to escape.Even though it would mean their death,they still tried to followthe legend of the blind …

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Cover art for Dark hunt

Dark Hunt

Pure witches hunt.Warlocks and knights hunt.But when Dark witches hunt.We are collectors,collectors of all that brewFrom the chaos we bring forth From the bowels of hell And the deep of chaosTheir might is all that we seek to absorbBut for the fall of each soulAll that they are becomesA part of all that we areChosen …

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