Cover Art for Babel 3

Babel 3

I opened my eyes the next morning after a good night rest. Now that I had crossed over and back multiple times, I started to find solace in my existence unable to tell what was real and what wasn’t… My home planet had ended themselves in the last babel and I was finally assigned to …

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Cover Art for Babel 2

Babel 2

The family and home were nice… I used that to calm my mind every time I felt paranoid. I washed my face with some water and went back into my room. On the bed was another letter, my heart rate raised as I remembered that my stay wasn’t free, I was a staff like everyone …

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Cover Art for Last Gaze

Last Gaze

There once was a little girl… from the moment she opened her eyes, they shined brightly with curiosity staring intently at anything the world had to offer. She could sit looking at a tree or the ground for hours simply admiring the beauty of the earth… people thought it was a bad habit of hers …

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Cover Art for My Tree

My Tree

Peace and wisdom… this was the way of life they lived by. The first war ever waged was over and people had decided to live together in harmony, accepting anything the universe threw at them. As if being called forth, that’s when it came… a meteorite. The people rushed to the site of the crash …

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