Cover art for godess of fate

godess of Fate

In my strideI left many blessedMany BrokenAnd many, I caused to be forgottenFor my journey was one of growthAscendance, and prove of the will of manBut here the goddess tells meThat I was and still am, a fool. That the pain I caused has only begunThat the chaos of the futureIs of my own bringingThat …

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Cover art for time wraiths

Time Wraiths

Around, around we goClockworks at an arm’s lengthTo be or not to beA fleeting quake time isSwift but also fragileAmbiguous but fatedA war might causeTiny freckles of quakesA death might resultTo a change of DestinyBut a flap might cause ripples And that’s where we areTo stop the flapsAnd erase the ripplesNo place is beyond our …

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Cover art for Ravens pledge

Raven’s Pledge

Our call is that ofthe forgottenOur place lies withinthe shadowsOur name resides withinthe heart of menOur mark enslavesthe truest of men And the cowardswho face the world With their backsTurned to fates tormentsOur faces are beyond that of menFaceless faces beneath the moonSilently waiting for a fallen soulTo a feast of blood and that of …

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Dragon Legacy

It is said that the Dragomon’s ancestorCame from another planetIt was a tale of loveA tale of passionStar crossed loversDestiny has always played its roleBut this time it’s filled with beautyYearning, Love and sorrowA tale almost too good to be trueThey held their handsAnd held their groundsIn the face of loss and despairMany tried to …

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Cover art for rise of executioners

Rise of Executioners

Reincarnation, Life, PowerThe train of man’s ExistenceIs interwoven with thePast, Present and futureMany seek a life of immortalityDriven by a need to foresee tomorrowWhile others seek a subtle endDriven by a need to enjoy todayWhat we lack is nothingBut a figment of man’s complexWe cherish that which is beyond usIn the hope of attaining salvationAnd …

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Cover art for fallen angel

Fallen Angel

She lost herselfin the pits of despairin the face of her wordsin the realization of her demiseshe no longer stoops towhat she believed inin a world of angels belief was alland hers was gone. in the realm of menshe heard his sermonsbut his seat was vacantand she was not worthy enoughso as her wings Felland …

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