Eternal Knight

I have no boundsI’ve seen no limitsI have seen my pathAnd I shall not be beatenI will fulfil my oathwhether asleep or not Even in death Even in slumberFor he who has surpassedhis true self shall feelmy cold streaking sword. The challenge for he who has surpassed His true self is mine, the Eternal Guardian.  …

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Cover art for Looming Order

Looming Order

Tell one, tell many, there are goddesses above us all. Those who govern life, ones chosen by fate and sometimes by men. They rarely interfere in our affairs unless we go too far. So those who have mischief and chaos brewing in their souls, always pray silently for the goddess’s demise, all to no avail. …

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Cover art for Solomon's Veil

Solomon’s Veil

Shady dealings between beings could be prohibited?A myth of Solomon stated, placing fear within the hearts of gods, men and spirits alike. The absolute disparity between them all enriches their lives and gives them meaning and they all agreed that a reality in which man was left in solitude would be the birth of much …

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Cover art for Deadly Shame

Deadly Shame

The scriptures statethat every man is plagued by at least one deadly sin,mine seems to be wrath. A burning uncontrollable rageborn from a desire for balance.I hear the king of Phoenixes shares my plight,for better or worse,such news eased my heartand mellowed my flamesknowing someone out therewas also sharing my shame. Leave a like or …

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Cover art for The Genius's Blight

The Genius’s Blight

Dreams escape those who constantly succeed…seeking change and a spark in lifethey start to desire defeat. Many didn’t know,but the chaos the blacksmith causedfell strongest on his students,having knowledgethat could overturn the balance of the universewasn’t a thing to be proud offor respected for. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

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