Cover art for Zero Mindset

Zero Mindset

Everyone felt itwhenever a fairy would pass them by,there was no way those tiny creaturesdidn’t have blessings. Even though they weren’t apparentand clear for all to see,everyone believedthe little women were hiding treasures and gifts.Rumors grew and hearts stirred with envy,as everyone wishedthey could glow and fly around with tiny wings. Though in truth, they …

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Cover art for Fiora The first

Fiora The First

The Soul world was unlike that of othersIt was filled with spiritsMany sought them outClaiming them for themselvesEmbodying them within their Will and essence Calling themselves Soul SeekersThey made pacts and bonded with these spiritsBut her, unlike the remaining in Her world, She sought them out to subjugate themEnslaving them within her will and essenceShe …

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Cover art for The God Killer

The God Killer

Sealed within petals, integraStayed with a rage of endless soulsDevoured by the anguish of anotherBounded by darkness she seeksEternal Death and Chaos uponHer wielder’s soul. To seek a life unknown to herShe awaits a wielder that willFinally bring an end to her madness Olaremi, soaked in red, bathed in bloodThe autumn leaves shall fallHardened by …

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Cover art for mirage


She was a mirageShe adorned herselfWith gold and trinkets of hubrisBestowed upon herself magicCall forth chaos only seen and forgottenWhispered words only heard by evilEnticed the damned andDevoured souls consumed by her malice All in the name ofThe path charted by destinyOnly if her actions were hers aloneBut hers was oneFilled with a need for …

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Cover art for the Dark side

The Dark Side

There are powerful monsters aheadI know, it has always been like thatThe strong take the heightsAnd the weak are left to play with pebbles We gather around strongholdsWithin our sects, within our guildsWithin our Blood, within our worldHaunted by a ghost of a higher causeAnd that which is devoid of purpose A poor mirages we …

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Cover art for the reincarnated

The Reincarnated

They would dine the paths of Anubis And be reborn anew in the Soul world Imbibed with the blessings of the spirit realm Soul seekers Is what they were calledThey stood at the top of the food chainWithin their planet of souls and spiritsEmbodying each spirit, wielding each soul Each with its own powerEach with …

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