Mythical Fiction

Cover art for the 11th

The 11th

I call upon the 11thWraith of EnslavementLet all those who are scorchedBy your essencebind to your willFor all those who seekTo taunt time shall fallBy your swordLet them be enslavedForever within timeForever with no timeAnd as no doubt clouds my sightLet your will be knownbringing forth eternal slavery. Leave a like or a comment if …

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Cover art for Son of the Sun

Son of the Sun

Do not call my captain ignorantDo not call him a boyHe might have been absent when the era changedBut he was not free Only a fool like yourself would believeThat a son of Prometheus would feel comfort and peace in silenceUnlike us, they must forever seek meaning and purposeForget an eraThey are burdened with the …

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over art for Race of Eternity

Race Of Eternity

Sing the song of the maidensSing the song of creationLet the moon howl in aviationLet the maidens dance in innovation A race of eternityTo a world beyond Man’s imaginationA world within the smith’s lockerA throne without a rulerFor only those who overcome their truest fearsAnd only he who can stand above them all, will gain …

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Cover for 2 brothers

2 Brothers

I believe our story wouldn’t have turned out so bad if we weren’t such brothers, our universe much like others in the Eternal realm was ruled by one of The Celestial Dragon spirits of the entanglement. Vomir’s power is that of the different creatures that populated his planet but of all those powers and blessings …

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