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A Scribe’s Pride

Cover art for A Scribe's Pride

Not all knowledge should be written down,when I heard a few of the blacksmith’s scribbleswere floating around the galaxy my heart sankfearing who would take it next,but alas it was not my place to decide.It was up to fateTo choose…


Cover art for Elsa

In the final planet of the phoenixes constellation, laid a cold planet with little or no life. This planet although extremely cold flourished marvellously. The people of the planet had found new ways to survive. Methods like thicker coats, gloves…

Last Gaze

Cover Art for Last Gaze

There once was a little girl… from the moment she opened her eyes, they shined brightly with curiosity staring intently at anything the world had to offer. She could sit looking at a tree or the ground for hours simply…

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