Cover Art for Blessings


Three casted children From amongst the lost ones Two inheritors of the blacksmith’s curse A turned god from the dilapidated realm Calling themselves the first of men And a pure soul link To the roaming child Dona Maria Witness, oh, those who can see This simple words That can bring tragedy Are nothing but toys …

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Cover Art for Resistance


Much like every resistance that has ever existed, this one was fighting a greater power. They claimed that those who were superior to them were hoarding the available resources and leaving them to starve to death Many joined their cause after suffering a traumatic experience or two, either their parents, loved ones or siblings die …

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Cover Art for Haunted Halloween

Haunted Halloween

It is said that what we fear molds us into who we are and who we become, for as long as Tommy could remember ever since the death of his father in a freak accident in a Haunted Halloween house, he couldn’t help himself but be overwhelmed by all his emotions and feelings devouring everything flowing within his veins. Leaving him with nothing but …

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Cover Art for Ashore


In a forgotten age on the water planet, a home to adventurers, sailors and true men of the sea, those who understood that true treasures truly lied in the paths least travelled. A much-forgotten tale is told today in one of the small pubs close to the shore. The men of this town enjoyed the …

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