Cover art for Seiran's Pain

Seiran’s Pain

When the Headmistress was youngerand still my little girl,she asked me of Lucy,the girl who called forth hell.I was scaredso I told her not to follow in her footstepsbut children hardly ever listen to the old. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Tommy's Prife

Tommy’s Pride

Champion the ideals of a mad man,follow the blacksmith’s trail…chase the lockers of myth,chase the throneless kingdom. Sit upon the throne Tommyand this time, for good,everyone will fear you for all eternityas the winner of the race. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for the goblin

The Goblin

My curses shall lay my brethrenTo his grave, I will tilt my griefAnd sow my words, and prayMy wishes be answeredIn the wake of corpsesShall his be amongThat wretched GoblinI shall be the end of himAnd when I’m done with himeven hell shall haveno place for him He would yearn for freedom But he will …

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Cover art for Zero Mindset

Zero Mindset

Everyone felt itwhenever a fairy would pass them by,there was no way those tiny creaturesdidn’t have blessings. Even though they weren’t apparentand clear for all to see,everyone believedthe little women were hiding treasures and gifts.Rumors grew and hearts stirred with envy,as everyone wishedthey could glow and fly around with tiny wings. Though in truth, they …

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Cover art for Fiora The first

Fiora The First

The Soul world was unlike that of othersIt was filled with spiritsMany sought them outClaiming them for themselvesEmbodying them within their Will and essence Calling themselves Soul SeekersThey made pacts and bonded with these spiritsBut her, unlike the remaining in Her world, She sought them out to subjugate themEnslaving them within her will and essenceShe …

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