Tag Urban Fantasy

Dragon Legacy

It is said that the Dragomon’s ancestorCame from another planetIt was a tale of loveA tale of passionStar crossed loversDestiny has always played its roleBut this time it’s filled with beautyYearning, Love and sorrowA tale almost too good to be…

Queen’s Fears

Cover art for queens' Fears

What was on Queen’s mindThat made her sought powerShe never knewShe understood the value of familyAnd that of companionship But she couldn’t help her innate natureShe was damned in her soulHaunted by her bloodAnd cursed by mischief and chaosInside out…

The Trial of The Goblin

Cover art for the trial of the goblinotus

My curse is hard to discernHard to forgive and even harder to breakWhy do I feel neglectedWhen your true self is still unknown to meWhat is this hole in my heartWhen i haven’t  yet found myself Why I’m i  so…

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