Cover Art for Dying Sun

Dying Sun

The phoenix’s Eternal realm was vast and rich in all tribes and cultures, and within their constellation lies all those who serve as his legions, those who must pay tribute to his eternal sovereignty, within his currents lies the four harmonic tribes with their star gazers guild which controlled the southern hemisphere of one of …

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Cover Art for Avocado


A traveller once said that peacocks were small in other realms… My dad says it’s gibberish and I think so too… The bonding years between a rider and his steed had been extended for Micheal by two more years. That meant that he and his Peacock that was already much bigger than him had to …

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Cover Art for Entwined


At noon I stand magnificent upon all that I am, dignified for eternity, for I am all that stands on the threshold of the eternal realm where all those who embody the phoenixes will reign for eternity, upon my sun chariot I barter for the west and set on the east and upon the gates …

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