Cover Art for Use it

Use It

As I walked up to his damaged consciousness, I felt pulled by the faith that surrounded me towards his crumbling heart, a feeling that I could tolerate only because it was my duty. I lay my box beside his battered soul and opened it up. My spirit assistant ‘Alisha’ popped out slowly and circulated me …

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Cover Art for Falling Hands

Falling Hands

In the lands of “Falling hands” the friendly Zombies backsides are always bent over, picking up their hands. Zombies are not passionate hand shakers because of their constitution but the zombies in this town don’t care about that, they shake each other and let their hands fall elegantly and pick them up with pride. The …

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Cover Art for Vaniz


“A person’s environment is the first layer of reality they must escape, it serves as the first medium…” Alex loved his people, he loved them to bits, he couldn’t help but love them that much and as though in respect of his bravery, the heavens gifted him with the ability to express this love. He …

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