Cover Art for Red Hicky

Red Hicky

Those damn boxes carry them, the filth of that wretched soul, his name was a remembrance of a terrible time, a time of callous dreams and misguided goals, a time when man forgot his place, and now… just as always, his presence still reeks from the damned guns of RED HICKY!!! His red dashing boots, …

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Cover Art for Chance


Chance was found on a train at the last bus stop on the rocky route. The town he stopped at was called “Candle” a town filled with gentle and simple people that were given the name ‘Candle’ because of their major export product. The town was small, they were rich in their daily life, not …

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Cover Art for Suicide


The calm lands of ‘Vandel’ explored freedom, their economy, the pace of living, activities, and everything else was controlled by high school counsels. Each council head had taken over the position from their parents, through violent takeovers or absolute authority, forcing everyone to submit. Every era was decided based on the ruler, if he was …

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