Cover art for The Genius's Blight

The Genius’s Blight

Dreams escape those who constantly succeed…seeking change and a spark in lifethey start to desire defeat. Many didn’t know,but the chaos the blacksmith causedfell strongest on his students,having knowledgethat could overturn the balance of the universewasn’t a thing to be proud offor respected for. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for Mau's Children

Mau’s Children

The feline creature found itself partnersand grew from their touch,their grief, their hate and their glory. Beings who were meant to keep watchover the tree of lifewere now watching over humansmore than ever,most were confusedbut some came up with a theory…perhaps man harbored the treewithin him…. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it …

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Cover art for Tommy's Prife

Tommy’s Pride

Champion the ideals of a mad man,follow the blacksmith’s trail…chase the lockers of myth,chase the throneless kingdom. Sit upon the throne Tommyand this time, for good,everyone will fear you for all eternityas the winner of the race. Leave a like or comment if you enjoyed it (>_<)/

Cover art for the goblin

The Goblin

My curses shall lay my brethrenTo his grave, I will tilt my griefAnd sow my words, and prayMy wishes be answeredIn the wake of corpsesShall his be amongThat wretched GoblinI shall be the end of himAnd when I’m done with himeven hell shall haveno place for him He would yearn for freedom But he will …

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Cover art for Standoff


You go first,no you go first.Each one yelled to the other,as before them stood Red Hicky,the born killer. Guard dog of the gods,soiled hands and boots,with a soul everyone knew was damned. The presence of men like himmight seem vile to some,but a few others saw themas gate keepers between good and evil. Leave a …

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Cover art for The God Killer

The God Killer

Sealed within petals, integraStayed with a rage of endless soulsDevoured by the anguish of anotherBounded by darkness she seeksEternal Death and Chaos uponHer wielder’s soul. To seek a life unknown to herShe awaits a wielder that willFinally bring an end to her madness Olaremi, soaked in red, bathed in bloodThe autumn leaves shall fallHardened by …

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