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Tailed Boy


The mob strapped the young lad onto a board and lifted the board up so the whole crowd could see him. Their best archer got on a pedestal in the middle of the crowd and pulled out an arrow from his quiver. The air around him went silent as he took a deep breath and drew his bow. The arrow flew swiftly and pierced the boy’s body… he pressed his teeth together, tightly, holding back a scream.

Elizabeth went over to her friend’s house for tea. That’s what they called it, she thought it was funny as she skipped to her friend’s house happily. That day, they started off with a lot of catching up, then movies, then lunch. Elizabeth happened to have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. She had her medicine with her and was able to handle it but the mood was already ruined.

“Perhaps that’s what caused this…” the boy thought, strapped there, as another arrow pierced his worn-out body.

Elizabeth’s friends were feeling bad for making her feel bad about something she could have done nothing about. So they asked… “Elizabeth…”, “Hmm…” she replied, “how’s your boyfriend… like truly?” it was meant to relax her nerves and she knew it. It also made her carelessly respond. Her answer was so intriguing to her friends that they asked another.

Elizabeth, realizing what she had done, immediately got up and left, she was scared…

So she forgot… or ignores, the callous nature of her friends. They got into the car in the house and followed her.

Elizabeth had some extra time left before she had to return home so she went to see her boyfriend.

The boy’s smile turned into a grim expression exuding pain as another arrow pierced him, interrupting his flashback assimilation.

He had opened the door and was extremely happy to see her. He hugged her tightly and drew her in. As they lay on his bed, catching up and playing, without a care in the world. Her friends crept up on his little apartment and circled round, peeping through the window.

They gasped as their friend’s comment came to life, he really was “a beast…” Elizabeth looked at their scared expressions as she hugged him close, stopping him from sensing what was behind him.

She smiled as she watched them run… having seen his wagging tail. She pulled him closer and bit of a part of her finger and kept the flesh in her mouth.

She waited calmly, enjoying his embrace till she saw the approaching mob. She then pulled away and kissed him, forcing him to swallow it. He panicked as the small piece of meat went down his throat.

The mob then broke in, yelling, dragging them apart, and killing her. Before dragging out the weak wolf boy for public execution. The locals were thrilled… If they made a good show out of this, they might get another god to patronize them…

The boy smirked at this as the piece of meat was starting to finally take effect…

“Elizabeth was the only thing keeping him down….” That’s all we say when we remember the boy with the tail…

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Short Story


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