The Babel of Towers 2

“Your wish, is my command, my lords”

Many stood before us, not once
Not twice. But some of them
Were as peculiar as they came
If only they knew what truly
Laid in our hearts and souls

Babel was one of such people
He roamed our halls and did our bidding Unknown to him The factions
That haunted the Eternal realm
Ghost of wars fought in the Golden Age of gods and heroes

His retribution came with the truth
Of us, the truth of who we are
The tricks we laid,
the tricks we played
To toy with fate as though it was
An instrument, The pain,
the chaos, the war, it mustn’t stop,
For our purpose is yet to be
Fulfilled, yet to be actualized

Hmm, and they said stars don’t fall
That’s what Babel and his followers thought, As they watched fate fall to Our whims, they regretted their ways, Clouded In shambles and denial With the death of Babel arrogantly Hoping if only they made the right choice

But the question still remains
What happened to the children of Babel, After the fall of towers?

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