Cover art for The Babel of Towers

The Babel of Towers

Babel’s eyes were hallowed but full of compassion,

who knew a god could feel, could think,

when he is trapped by the chains of another,

endlessly collecting, endlessly observing,

within worlds, within timelines,

When will they finally give up,

when will they stop trying to reach the stars and beyond?

– “What would happen to Babel’s children If he were to fall”

This was a thought That plagued many
Haunted a few, and ringed in the minds
And hearts of his enemies
The Universe was changing fast
Some might even say too fast
But hopes and aspirations
Are for those sullied and tainted
And death and sorrow Is for those who yearned for it
And sought it out.
Their time has come, and those who followed
The teachings of Babel, Like his son, and the cult

the Collector and the others
Stood before them Keeping the balance as Mau once stood

So what is to happen To his followers and his children
If Babel were to fall?

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