Action, Adventure, Drama, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller,

The Binding of a Dragon

I tried my best to be a son they wanted

A child they cherished, A child they loved

Whilst trying to be the best of myself

Unknown to me everything can come undone

With just one bad decision, I was supposed to be

My brother’s keeper but here I am calling forth

So much pain and agony, No one else could fathom

Is this who am destined to be Or is fate just cruel to some

And soft to others, If only I had something to lose

If only I couldn’t see the future, If only I couldn’t remember the past

They took it all away, My innocence, My purity

My love, My bounds and they made this tainted

version of me possible soiled by the sacrifice

they force me made, Nobless oblige they said

Privilege entails responsibility

Chained to my soul, chained to my being

An Overbearing burden they forced upon me

in the face of duty and now that my job

is finally done, my chains rust and fall away

I shall cast my shadow within the widest

range of their tiny existence in their future I will be there

In their past I already exist, forever they will remain

entrapped within my gaze as I bind the will of a Dragon  

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