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The Blacksmith


Once upon a time, in a land far far away lived a blacksmith who loved to invent, the blacksmith invented everything from weapons to cutleries to everything. The blacksmith’s inventions became so great that each one of them was sold for thousands and thousands of gold bars, in his greed for knowledge, the blacksmith invented and invented without a care in the world for what his inventions could do.

One day, Rebels broke into his vault and stole one of his most destructive inventions, with this weapon, the Rebels unleashed the weapon into the city not knowing how destructive it was. This weapon with no name destroyed an entire city, when the blacksmith saw the carnage that his invention had caused, he finally understood what he had been making, but it was already too late to atone for his sins.

The blacksmith was cursed by the gods to forever make weapons of destruction….

The blacksmith was forced into hiding as his intellect and inventions grew with each idea, after living for hundreds of years, the blacksmith created his final and greatest invention, a god killer.

In his last moments, the blacksmith distributed all his inventions around the universe in vaults called the blacksmith’s locker.

Thousands of years later, a peddler found a map to one of the blacksmith’s lockers and the world remembered how destructive the inventions of the blacksmiths were, his name was only remembered for the chaos it caused and when the world finally learned of his curse, his name and inventions had disappeared… only to be heard in the darkest corners of the world.

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