The Blood Of Lucy Lawland

I will not forget her not even as I lose my mind 

The Blood of Lucy 

Our pride our pride 

What says our pride

Our descent, Our blood

Blood of Lucy, 

Children of Lucy 

Our secrets lie within us

Riddled within our souls 

Within our veins 

Years of sacrifice 

Years of turmoil 

A pledge to keep the secrets 

The secrets of our universe 

And the world of Seiran

I have to remember, I can’t allow Myself forget,

not the way they’ve forgotten.

Lucy sold our souls and lives, 

she traded with our destiny, 

I will keep on saying it 

Until someone believes me. 

I may sound insane but that too is a curse

A curse from Lucy,

As she is forever engraved 

within my mind, within my soul 

Eternally etching away at my purity

Tainting it with so much darkness 

I relive the horrors of the past.

Who knew my worth, who knew my place?

My heart bleeds eternally 

Calling forth one mystery 

Calling forth one misfortune 

What has Lucy done to us

What has Lucy truly taken from us?


I will not forget her not even as I lose my mind 

and I will say it over and over again 

until someone believes me, 

The ghost of Lucy Lawland 

haunts us all tainted by her blood.

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