The Boy Dragon 2

Bel Shazzar finally reached his destination and to his surprise, it was the capital city, compared to the rest of the world Bel has seen, the capital city had more life, at least you could see some beast and creatures walking around not just humans.

As his days passed in the capital city Bel found things, some he was happy about and some he wished had just stayed in the past, this Empire under the same emblem that destroyed Dragonstone, the kingdom of Rath, their Emperor was still in his hundred-year slumber, Bel had thoughts but he decided to not act on them, the life in the capital city was simple and glamorous but deep within the societal structure corruption and decadence lies in the heart of the beast and Men alike and Bel found himself fighting for those who didn’t have anybody to fight for them

The collar markers who were the slaves and the Common Man, picked from the streets or in their homes and used by the Nobles and the high borns as they please only to be discarded to the hell they once came from when they are no longer of use. Bel became a hero to many and a regenerate rebel to others.

The nobles and the high borns who were tired of losing either one of their slaves’ brothel or slave trafficking gangs to the hero of the people pressured the Regent ordering her to stop the Hero for what he truly is is a rebel causing chaos in their peaceful towns and livelihoods, at last, they gave the Regent time to end it, if not they will Awaken the emperor before his Awakening to deal with the issue and she knew what that meant.

Bel heard of the elite force that was created by the princess of the Kingdom to catch him, for months now he had been able to conceal his identity, one day when bel was walking through one of the streets in a market town in the capital city he met Felicia, in this chance meeting their hearts linked to one another Bel was excited to meet Felicia as Felicia too was equally excited, Bel was surprised to see Felicia dressed like a high born but the beauty that Shone across her face melted his heart they talked till the sunset, they talked as if none of them wanted to leave the company of the other, but they both knew they had duties to fulfil, saddened_ they were forced to end it that day but that’s how their days continued from onwards.

After watching a trafficking Den for weeks Bel finally decided to attack them after they bought the last batch of creatures Bel wore his dragon demon mask but not before putting a mental alarm in his head that he had a date with Felicia that evening, he entered through the backdoor stealthily and freed the creatures and defeated the leader of that Den but surprisingly, with his heightened senses he heard the authorities weren’t far behind, Bel escaped but not before setting the place on fire with his dragon breath as he was trying to run away through the roof he felt a very massive amount of energy coming towards him before it vanished and the individual attacked him out of nowhere,

Bel blocked the attack but used all his strength to repel it back the force was so great that it sent the individual flying off the roof Bel’s face went cold when he finally saw the face of his attacker, it was Felicia, at that moment Bel pushed his human form even harder as scales began to appear in his arms and his face took the form of a dragon with slithered eyes and elongated Fangs, he flew and caught her before she fell off the roof as they held onto each other’s gaze, Bel’s mental alarm ranged and he remembered the date they were supposed to be in, in this exact moment.

“Who are you” was all he heard that made him let go of her.

“princess are you alright?” he heard from below as he vanished from her sight. The Sword of Eternity stayed as it watched this tale of Eternity unfold will its king finally found where he belonged Bel went to the spot where they were supposed to meet to go for their date in the enchanting Forest of the first dragon king and moments later Felicia arrived Bel felt happy when he saw her he thought she wouldn’t come. “don’t come closer,” she said as he moved towards her Felicia looked at him and the only way she could tell him how she felt who was with a kiss Felicia couldn’t explain how much in love she was with Bel since the first time they met, they connected, he felt like a perfect match for her, her better half, she knew it was him beneath the mask, Bel never smelled human even though he looked completely like one, from that day forth they spent their passionate nights and days together and since he felt truly smitten by Felicia, he told her his secret Felicia was shocked beyond her soul when he transformed into a ginormous dragon.

As she gazed upon the majesty of his true form tears began to fall from her eyes Felicia had never seen a dragon in her entire life they were beings of the past that had long been forgotten, Felicia rubbed his mane feeling his silky but strong hair and his haggard scales underneath them, he allowed her to ride him as he flew through the forest then up to the Skies, in their joy and delight an ache began to grow within the heart of Felicia and her worries were met by the next series of events. One night as bel and Felicia were cuddled in, Felicia woke up abruptly as a mark on her shoulders began to burn Bel woke up and he knew something had changed or something had happened, he could sense it, she looked at him knowing her father will never let him live and now that the emperor has awoken she has to hurry back, she was being summoned.

Felicia left after the pain subsided but not after she told him she will be all right and he shouldn’t try to look for her for the time been, Bel knew she was not safe, so he decided to keep an eye on her, this emperor who is he, why does he has such dark but familiar magical energy, the moment he was awoken Bel could feel the air of the capital city change, it was more cold and silent and many dangers began to lurk in the darkness, it was like a birth of Chaos.

A week passed and nothing was heard from Felicia then one night Bel felt her magical energy decreasing, she was dying Bel transformed into a dragon with no second thoughts and descended into the palace exactly where she was and to his surprise, she was chained to a pole with a fire magic circle burning beneath her about to roast her to her death bel wailed in rage as the terror of a dragon broke the magic circle and paralyzed everybody that was there, Bel stayed in his dragon form so as to heal Felicia and as he stood above her he felt a sensation deep within his soul, something he never thought he would feel ever again, someone he never thought would stand in front of him, the call of his Rider made Bel violent and he released all the pent-up rage and Malice he had for this individual.

Liaus sat down on his throne old but clearly very powerful he had awoken from his slumber and felt the presence of a dragon all around his empire and when his daughter came he could smell dragons energy on her skin and since she had betrayed him he decided to kill her, he never thought a dragon will appear again especially not after all he did to see the end of them and definitely not this dragon.

Liaus tried to use the bond they share to control Bel but it didn’t work the Mark that burned fiercely on Bel’s neck was there but it was like it was not existing After Bel healed her he transformed back to his human form and since most of the officials had run out leaving only the emperor and his Men, Bel looked at Liaus and remembered that fateful night as Dragonstone fell and screams of pain and agony could be heard throughout the kingdom, all for what, just because he has chosen to trust him, all for what reason, so that Liaus could get his hand on immortality.

Bel held on tightly to the Sword of Eternity before he turned and looked at Felicia warmly telling her to run, he charged through the soldiers with all he had as they fell and Bel and Liaus clashed swords and Liaus could see all the rage the dragon has but he too must equally fight for all he has done, with the power of the amulet of Dragonstone Liaus proved to be the greatest adversary Bel has ever fought both of them are different and stronger now, but when Liaus finally got serious, Bel could see himself losing because the more he fought the more tired he was becoming, his human form was not used to this amount of distress

At this moment the Sword of Eternity realized it was now or never so it asked Bel to use the magic of the sword, all this while they have been afraid not to use it so as not to get corrupted by its will, with the power of the Sword of Eternity Bel gained the power to see through the heart of men and enforce his will over them, with his new power Bel predicted all of Liaus’s attacks and when he found no reprise Liaus gave himself over to the amulet and the power consumed him and turned him into a demonic dragon.

The power consumed Liaus’s soul and turned him insane as he began to spray flames throughout his Empire. Liaus was a much bigger dragon than Bel was so he was at a disadvantage, if he were to transform seeing the destruction made by Liaus, the Sword of Eternity remembered the fragmented Valley in the phoenix’s realm and realise that if Liaus was to be defeated a price must be paid, thus the Sword of Eternity told Bel that in order to defeat Liaus he had to sacrifice it, Bel tried to think of another way but he couldn’t, he was not strong enough TThehe Sword of Eternity bid Bel farewell and thanked him for taking him on one last journey before it’s time and with a heavy heart and a broken soul, Bel plunged the sword of Eternity into the Demons dragon’s heart.

The Sword of Eternity opened the portal to the fragmented Valley and with the wrath of Belshazzar the first wielder, the boy dragon defeated his greatest adversary, he burnt the flag of the Empire Of Rath never to be heard again and raised a new emblem of Dragonstone, bel took the empire and became the first Emperor of the free folk and the Liberal nation and with his Queen beside him the Empire flourished and they lived happily ever after.


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