The Boy Dragon

Kings died, kingdoms fell, many were betrayed, hearts were broken but the sword of eternity stayed for a thousand-year within its slumber, unsheathed, unshaken, and unmoving until that faithful moment, a wounded young dragon found its way through the seal that sealed away the sword of eternity.

In the young dragon’s pain and agony it coiled itself around the sword of eternity, clinging onto its life and the sword found solace in the young dragon’s company, five years passed as the sword of eternity took it’s time into healing the Young Dragon for the pain the sword felt from the young dragon made it remember its first wielder, a king he was, a hero he was, Belshazzar tainted by the loss of a love one, he became consumed by the swords madness, threatening to destroy the whole world only to be stopped by his knights, the king fell and the sword of eternity remained sealed for eternity.

The Young Dragon woke up after a thousand-year nap and it took him even a thousand more to get acquainted with its now eternal companion, the sword of the eternity kept on feeling the yearning for his brethren that lies within the dragon’s heart, it thought about it and presented the young dragon with a solution, both of them wanted freedom, they yearned for it, so the sword of eternity said the young dragon could become its wielder, and if the soul of the young dragon could be transfixed to suit the form of a man then maybe both of them could escape this eternal prison.

The Young Dragon accepted this offer thinking at least it’s something worth trying, the sword of eternity collected the physical and spiritual essence of the young dragon given it a new form, a human form and with it came the expulsion of the seal that sealed them both away.

The Young Dragon opened his eyes to his new form deep within the sea ground, he felt young and youthful, the young dragon now with Dragon energy coursing through his veins his human form now possessed super strength and with all that he was and now has become he pulled the sword of eternity from where it was halfway into the ground beneath the sea ground rusted and crusted, the sword of eternity within the grip of its new wielder was revitalized and given back it’s original form, the Young Dragon used the current to go to the closest shore, upon his arrival luckily for the Young Dragon it was a farm village, he sneaked around and stole some clothes and finally got a chance to see his complete profile, he looked mid-20s, the Young Dragon thought and automatically he heard the voice of the sword of eternity in his head telling him how it had decided to change the previous wielder’s look to look young based on the dragon’s own age.

With the sword of eternity sheathed and hidden on his waist, the young dragon looked around seeing how much things have changed from when they were sealed and since his senses were heightened too he could sense the magic and so he knew this world he had woken up to had little to no magic compared to how it was when he was sealed.

The Young Dragon prepared his disguise after much observation of the village folk, before strolling into the village to see how much human beings have changed since his time, through his walk the young dragon heard gunshots, he turned only to see the village been attacked by bandits and judging by how excited the Young Dragon became the sword of eternity asked the Young Dragon if he wanted to fight to test out his new body when he was a dragon he was a very powerful and special dragon and now he doesn’t know if he could still use magic and the fact that nobody knew him in this village he had to hide his identity, the Young Dragon looked at the mud by the road and decided to rub it all over himself before rushing into battle, the sword of eternity told him to try out his physical capacity before his magical capacity, the young dragon with his heightened senses and super strength fought off the bandits driving them out of the village, within the commotion he ran to the caves he saw on the Rocky side of the shore he arrived at.

While he was washing off the dirt by the waterfall at the mouth of the cave he heard a scream, the Young Dragon rushed there only to see it was a girl hanging by the ledge the Young Dragon pulled her up into the cave, and with one look the Young Dragon felt a feeling in his heart that he thought was impossible close to the need he felt for a rider when he was a dragon, ‘fancy’ ,she was fair and beautiful, and her name is Felicia, she had been attacked by one of the bandits but she fought him off only to fall off the Rocky cliff, she was lucky to catch something while the bandit didn’t, the young dragon offered to escort her back to the entrance of the village and as they walked hand in hand they got acquainted with each other, she was to travel to the capital city the next day to sell the crops gotten from her father’s farm and when they reached Felicia thanked him for saving her only to realize she never asked him his name, so she did, the young dragon froze when he thought about it, when he still had the form of a dragon he never had a rider so he was never named, in his confusion he stated and the sword of eternity decided to give him a name and what name to give him than the one it held dear, the sword of eternity echoed Belshazzar in the young dragon’s mind and he smiled and told her but Felicia smiled sadly wishing their encounter was in another time, in a different world.

From that moment onwards the young dragon took the name Belshazzar, what more to remember his brethren if not the name of the king, they had sworn to protect his legacy, even though they failed and Dragon Stone had fallen by the hands of its true enemies, Belshazzar continued his journey to the next village, learning new things and seeing the new inventions of men he saw machines using magical batteries and realized how far from his time this was, there were magical creatures and magical beings everywhere but now there were only a handful remaining, those he saw in street corners and those that were used as beasts of burden, the more Bel looked the more he realized that something has changed the balance of his world, many now suffer lives full of hardship and regrets and he could now sense all the malice and hate that have gathered over time so he decided to walk this new world to see what he could do and be, the sword of eternity told Bel where to go he had sensed a lot of magic east and maybe he might figure something out about how his world got to this point.

With the sword at hand, Belshazzar journeyed through the lands and with every step he found himself fighting and saving people that needed help, and as a month went by to much surprise the stories of the hero fighting bandits and saving innocent people from bandits and any who sought evil with a magical sword spread across the empire and with every save Belshazzar grew stronger learning more on how to channel his dragon energy to his human form giving him the ability to transform back and forth if he so desired.

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