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The Claim of Ane-Wu

For those who wander with no gain, for those who wander with little purpose, Lost Boys.

We seek a life destined for tomorrow if truly we are meant for a tomorrow, our creed was deeply rooted in our cause.

That’s why we stuck to the shadows, and that’s why we stayed where we were, as we watch those born in eternal light claim their destinies and walk paths meant for them.

As we dwindle away in the darkness forever young, forever little, unable to mature to anything, with no path, with no destiny to call ours, as we wait for seamless death, with no feat to our name forever lost, hoping for a calling.

Our story started like many other stories of those cursed with the wanderer’s curse, in a cold evening winter my brethren and I decided to undertake a journey, a journey true filled with realizations.

Only a handful of us still existed when the golden age of Heroes and gods ushered itself and the first gods were no more.

for as long as I can remember, I have seen angels upon angels fade out of existence, even though lost boys, was what we called ourselves.

Our truth was not our truth and our name was not ours, we who remained that weren’t more than a handful made all sorts of deals, and carried all sorts of curses just to stay alive and retain at least a part of our existence.

but deep down, we knew even that wasn’t enough and long before we know it, our will reaches, and we crossover to nothingness.

Those thoughts haunted us, so we sought to claim powers beyond that which we owned, that is, if we truly wanted tomorrow.

The coming of time and fate bore its fruits to us as the blessings of Solomon began to reach the hands of gods and creatures alike, and the scourge of the blacksmith has already begun.

I found the scepter of Solomon and like every other blessing, it was a work of miracles upon miracles, I retained my youth and existed long after most of my peers.

After a long and arduous journey through countless galaxies, we found ourselves in a canyon as countless stars decorated the skies in everlasting light

As we entered the canyon, we felt like we were being haunted, even though we ourselves were those who haunted others.

I looked at my brethren and saw the confusion and doubt that filled their eyes and hearts, after all to my fellows my words might seem unplausible.

with the power of the scepter, I could see that which can never be seen and with that power, I commanded the darkness.

“Show yourself you clinging to the darkness?” I said,

as I pointed my scepter and long before it, a bright light appeared before us and brimming within the light was tiny shimmering darkness, it was a wasp.

“I am he who is fated but fate-less, tell me what you seek and I shall grant you true purpose” I squinted my eyes at what the tiny wasp said,

and if we were as ignorant as men and prideful as the gods then maybe his true form will not be something I can see, but I’m blessed and so were my brethren.

“Are you a charlatan? because only an ignorant fool will bear a name that is not his, unknown to him who bears it”

 “Well said Kiran, but I do know he who bears the name and just like you I seek to escape his wrathful gaze, what say you Kiran the touched, if fate is what you all seek to conquer then it shall be yours, for I am one who has conquered the fate placed upon my soul, and if it’s a world of utmost balance is what you seek then your reach is beyond the horizon itself”

From the moment the wasp called itself fated but fate-less I knew this was no ordinary encounter,

That name belongs to the angel who watches over the domain birthed in eternal light, Abu-syna is his true name and only a few gods and other angels know his name and his true form,

and then he outdid himself and called my own name, that wasn’t heard even in darkest of corners, because of what it meant to know it.

“What do you seek Demon?” I said and from within the shimmering light I could feel its smile,

“I the Hakeem of time only seeks one thing from you, A destiny for a soul, but not just any soul, the soul of a Fairy, tainted but once pure as they come, with just a soul all you ever wanted will be yours”.

My brethren and I thought about it and we knew the Hakeem is the epitome of Darkness, he was a Time Demon, I could sense it, we all could feel it.

at the end we accepted our truth, for us who don’t have a path, A soul for a Destiny to my claim.

Those who have a path are blissful in their ignorance, but we shall seek it, that destiny we want, that path we deserve.

we will take from them the truth of their actions and show it to them, and if they fall then they are truly not meant to be,

we accepted his offer and a path was laid before us, what more do we seek if not a tomorrow.

We went back and spread the news to our fellow lost boys and they took pride in our pledge.

For the fairies are the brethren of Abu-syna, a stain upon the forest of Hiluwa is a stain upon his name, and when one fairy soul departs for the heaven, then war will be what’s coming for us.

At least, with each fairy soul, a destiny we possess, the more destinies we gather, the more powerful we become, as angels shedding our wings of Ane-wu, our wings of Lost boys, and in that moment of might, even Abu-syna would not be formidable.

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