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The Dilemma of a Pirate

My curse is hard to discern

Hard to forgive and 

even harder to break

Why do I feel neglected

When your true face is 

unknown to me

What is this hole in my heart

When i haven’t found myself yet

Why I’m i sour, When i haven’t 

Even confessed my love yet

Why does my heart break

When my journey to you

Is still far from over

I will plead to my gain

And pray for my soul

For the love i haven’t found yet

Yes let it all Come back to me

Who i was and who I am

My memories, my aspirations 

My woes, my curses

My truth, my betrayal 

My self, my being 

A story unfolding 

Yet not told

I want it back 

I want it all back 

A chance to retell this story

A chance to be who I am

But who i never was

Then may be this time

Just this time, something 

Will be different 

But only if fate 

Fought by me

And told the truth

Which is i

I will seek it

I will seek them all

All the treasures that

lay down the sea

Burning with an

Unquenchable desire to

Sail the seas

He yearned for something

A truth and A Lie

What lies at the end of the sea

And are we alone in this universe

Which was Which, 

he knew nothing of sort

He pleaded for a saviour

But a demon came instead

The demon cursed him

And the world he knew forgot him

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