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The Era of Limits


Many beings in the Eternal realm wondered why many things happened the way they did, some believe it was their choices that led them to where they are.

While others believed it was the choices of others that were forced upon them that let them to where they are.

The Golden Age of Gods and Heroes was surrounded by questions many could not answer.

In an age of wonder and greatness only a few were truly gifted with sight and purpose, peace had reigned in the era’s of the first gods or what many might call a poor imitation of it.

Maybe that’s why the Golden Age of gods and Heroes came like karma from fate herself for us who lingered in the shadows.

And for those who bask in the light, they remain in purposeful ignorance as they too overexert their limits in the name of power and greatness.


This is the true face of the Golden Age of Gods and Heroes.

At the beginning many won their battles and succeeded in their claims was it the Decent of Oduduwa, or the Rise of Zeus, was it the Eternal reign of the All-Father, or was it the Ascension of Ra’, was it born gods or was it made gods.

Each one of us stood for exactly what we believed in, but as time passed and fate collected the bout once again, those of us that were heroes in our stories were tested by fate, as we have now exerted our purpose.

In this tumbling Era of imbalance and limitations, the Eternal realm was plunged into chaos as Axis soon became divided and forces betrayed one another.

Not everybody forgot the first gods and the power they wielded, many swore in the shadows to bring back the power of that magnitude to the greater universe.

But no matter how hard we tried we were not worthy adversaries for fate or her vindication, and we should know that true power comes from one beyond us all, even the first gods.

This was the belief that gave birth to the Golden Ones. Gifted chosen by fate, emissaries of truth and justice.

With one last push from Fate the Golden Ones were gods gifted to attain heights than what they would probably ever imagine in their lifetimes.

But the truth remains, the choice to become a Golden one is a choice of acceptance.

The Bureau had always said, the only way to break one’s chains is to accept the power beyond that of our own.

that which keeps existence itself, as one becomes Golden, power is given, but existence Is taken even for a god.

Death is not something new to us, many of us truly surpass our limits after all we are gods.

Eternal death however is a different case, it bewilders our existence as gods, many tried to find a way to escape it, even after the golden Ones proved to us all that death was true and real, and death can come for us.

From that point, we began to sow the seed of deceit and trickery as we once did.

But as we watched their greed spread all across the greater universe, it gave birth to mischief and chaos like never seen before.

as lost boys began to wander eternally existing within the heavens seeking the souls of the damned and the deceived, following our thread of our trickery.

The Golden age of gods and heroes came to a sudden halt with the first king under the red sun winning the tournament of gods.

With the events that came in later, the rage of the death god Abu-syna engulf the greater universe in a parade of karma for those who defied existence.

His legions took to arms, fighting for what he stood for, those who follow the same path as him, those who accepted his rage knowing fully well that Abu-syna is real and if he is then so was his God, they who came to be known as Death gods. 

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