The Executioner’s Blade

We pride ourselves in who we are, though sometimes our cause may be questioned, we strive for an existence where balance is paramount, for nature and fate has its rules and those who break these rules must face justice in our hands, we hunt but we are not hunters, we seek those who do not belong, and as time and ages pass and change we will always rally upon our call and fight for all that we stand for.

Our job may sometimes be fruitful but may sometimes prove to be fruitless and endless, Generations like that of the black pens who went to exterminate the birth of a hybrid between a universal goddess and one of the royal blood of a distant star within the extremes of the known greater universe, they have gone and forever are they lost to the order, and they are those who have fought valiantly.

As the threat of the universe increases many began to appear, those who sought out in balance with the power to cause one great havoc after another, one day a newsletter arrived at our office base in the eternal realm where I was recently posted, the Aurora Demon has excluded in her actions and her threat has now increased, she has become an anomaly that has destabilizes the order and balance that lies within the Eternal Realm.

We found ourselves on a journey to an unknown land in that vast constellation of the current phoenix king within a universal Train, the Aurora Demon had just appeared one day and with power beyond their understanding started to lay waste Across that side of that universe, all who stood before her fell in an instant, many said her eyes were as pale as they came with a cold stare that can paralyze you as you stand in all that you are, those who survive an encounter with her always say one thing.

“It was like she was still but she was moving, she was a demon but she was unsullied and possessed beauty beyond man’s expectations, Even though her eyes remain soulless, though her knuckles remain bloody, though her bones break, unrivaled was she, a true gem in the rough with only a few words to say”

I read the reports knowing that it was just a job, and a job that has to be completed, back in the academy we all had a rage, we all knew we had a purpose, we all knew what it takes to achieve that purpose, though innocent we may be of consequence, but actions taken are actions begotten and all those who attain the will to change their fates but unknown to them their actions bare consequences then they are destined to face the executioner’s blade.

I still await my arrival hoping that my first big pursuit will not be my last because many powerful Fragmentatlist have fallen by her stone-cold shots, she is even suspected of being the cause of the dying sun incident, upon our arrival at the bustling town of the white rabbit star gazers guild, those who mimicked someone we all dread to mention in their long cottages stack on each other and their long roads and tight spaces and tight corners an entire city made to elevate the power of every member of the clan a hundred times unlike if they were in any other place, ‘Move the way white rabbit does’.

Their ancestors told them, but now they face impending doom, the Aurora Demon has blocked off all the routes within the valley, stopping them from achieving their vocational duties of Fragment hunting and exploration of the Fragmented valley, it was like she was creating her own territory within the abys of the fragmented valley, Afraid of being consumed by an unknown aberration they submitted a partition to us and now here we are, I watched as my Seniors tried to get some sleep after all this wasn’t their first big pursuit but I, on the other hand, couldn’t get any sleep because every time I closed my eyes I get an eerie feeling in my chest “is it fear or is it excitement” “what is she; a being that shouldn’t exist in this realm” I doubt it.

The next morning at the southern border of the white rabbit’s territory we entered the fragmented valley, and located the Aurora demon and to my surprise what I was setting my gaze upon was not a demon but just a pale looking girl with white hair and since she hadn’t noticed us yet we will just subdue her, but it seems I said that too soon because she sensed us and came for us and that’s when we saw her true form, and the moment she realized we were executioners she went limp and turned rabid, screaming profound words in a language that is really not supposed to be found in this part of the greater universe, my seniors saw how fast and stronger she became when her limiters went off, she was swift and nimble as the wind itself accepted her and flew with her silence in all its elegance and she wielded two fragmented guns which were quite impossible no one could handle the pull of two fragmented weapons, but she did.

seeing as the fight was just escalating and taking too much time we decided to let loose for a while and since the fragmented valley can take all that we are it was a short battle indeed, we captured her and she screamed and screamed in tears, dragging and clawing at her skin and the ground, she didn’t want to come with us she was in agony just by us been in her presence, the beauty she possessed faded within her madness as she lost her strength and the screams stopped, Tears streamed down her ocean eyes and her pale skin and domineer that shone brightly lost its essence and she became just another being in our Executioner’s List.

The Aurora Demon was sent to kitchen prison where she and her powers were will remain sealed off for eternity and I finally got posted out of the Eternal Realm.

A year became a decade till it became five centuries, till it became a millennia and a half, I still find myself wondering about the pale Aurora Demon and I find myself yearning for a reprise, things were getting heated in the universe, the first galactic war was on the verge of been fought, beings who surpassed gods now existed, men were truly beginning to envision a future where they can be acknowledged for the power they possessed, a newsletter arrived the other day, in Sector Asina 1.

A high god has fallen even though the forces of his resurrection were unforeseen, he fell by the hands of a band of misfits calling themselves gods, so they must be shown their place, and Executioners must rally upon their call and bring them to justice.

In these hard times, my duty day comes near and I find myself thinking about her again, is she still alive after all this while, three years later my duty date reached and I departed for Key-Chain prison, it is unlike every other prison the occupants just stay in solitude and live life as long as their life span was fated to be, comfortably without their power, no harm to themselves and no harm to others and fate and destiny are at balance, for my first week I searched for her but it was like every time she was at my peripheral vision, After Staying for a month I finally saw her but she was backing me from a hallway and at that moment I stopped and I realize my place and I turned and walked away.

One night as I was outside patrolling on the outskirts of the prison, I heard a sound I thought was never possible to be heard in kitchen prison, “impossible” all inmates have none of their abilities, so how did someone escape the temporal dimension that exist within the prison and just as I was about to leave my post and head to the break out point, I saw the ghost of my peripheral vision, there she was standing in all her greatness, she was a little bit older she no longer looked like a teenager but rather a woman, after all, it’s been more than a thousand years so she was actually looking more gorgeous than she was, she was truly different, her gaze now held more purpose and vision in them.

I smile realizing she still had that cold death stare she has always possessed, I too have grown stronger over the years, then, it took the three of us to subdue her but now I’m sure I’m stronger than the three of us combined then, I prepared myself as I watched the stillness fade into the atmosphere and her magic began to fuel her once more, since she was now out of the twisting prison, and as all her magic came back she transformed into an empress of the night with her two fragmented guns in silver-ish gown, she looked at the guns and said her next words.

“Laius, second leaf, Sword of Eternity”

With that said they both transformed into a sword, I looked at it surprised realizing she didn’t have it before ‘or she did not use it’ I gaze upon it and there was no entry of a sword with that same hilt and same engravings anywhere in the Executioners records, it was a complete unknown entity, she raised her sword to the sky with her silver crown adorned atop her beautiful mane and her white gown bellowed within the air, my eyes went wild when I passive the amount of energy coming from her, the sword was amplifying her powers beyond reason, this is truly remarkable.

“Aurora lights”

This was all she said, but her voice was firm and focused, a bean shot up to the skies from the sword then emerged beautiful Aurora lights that filled the sky drowning it with its colours, it took a second as it rained down upon all of us in that space, a rainstorm of fiery colourful ginormous meteorites, and as I they descend upon us I watched her flew out of the pocket dimensional space where Key-chain Prison lies and I found myself wishing I had told her my name as my consciousness fade away.

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