The Falcon Rising 

As pages turn, And stories remain untold

There is a saying, in My bloodline 

Beyond the gaze Ra,

Within the sands of Seth

Through the lands of Osiris,

In Anubis’s horizon

Beyond the skies of Horus And his all seen eyes

Lies the Dragon Phoenix, The Falcon’s Rising

I was meant to be, So let’s begin our tale

If the seas become So cold 

no man could want it and the skies so 

darkened and barren no bird woudl fly within it

Then the water planet Has more to offer

Than cold seas And barren skies

There will be a time, A pirate’s life for me 

A pirate’s life for all of us

A time when the finest of men

Shall arise by a tread of rebellion 

Actions begets actions, That’s what fate believes

And this actions bares consequences 

In this life they would Fight for truth and 

defend the justice, Fight for freedom and 

protect their self worth

But at last their story Is just at it’s beginning 

The falcon shall rise once again 

Beyond the horizon 

In a time beyond that of men

In a Dance of the Phoenix 

A dance of suns, a dance of gods 

gods beyond men,

Men after they’ve fallen 

Lost within time’s loop

The water planet dwells 

To Bare its fruit and Bare its place

In an age of Men, in an age of science 

The past has forgotten its place

And a new story shall be heard

The rise of falcons, the rise of Phoenixs

In a time of rebels

In a time of heroes

In a time of balance, 

In a time of imbalance 

The falcon shall rise once again 

Beyond the horizon 

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