The First King of men

The First King of Men The Champion of Odds

I see a face turned upon itself 

I see a man broken with no resolve

At the end of his path,

Without fulfilment with no grace

I see an ark perched upon a rock

I see a man broken with no regrets 

Beaten and overwhelmed By the forces of nature

I see a raven devouring gods

I see a man with no home to return 

With his back against the wall 

On a path ensured   

The first King of men

The champion of odds, Many searched for it

Many killed for it, Many died for it,

Many were cursed because of it

Imprisoned because of it 

Devoured because of it 

But it was her Destiny

It is meant to be hers 

It has always been written that way 

She will pass upon 

the castle under the red sun

And free the first King

The first king of men

From his eternal curse 

From his eternal prison 

And upon his death it will be hers

The ring of a universal goddess

A prize in a battle of the extremist 

And the idea that men can reach for the heavens 

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