The Flying Duchess

There once lived a hero called the Flying Duchess who fought for what was right and what was just, she defeated her enemies and married her Prince, A Hero for the people indeed for those with a soft heart, A tale for those suffering yearning for new dawn where they can be saved from the evil done to them by those who claim to serve them, while forever staying in Damnation and depravity.

sky nation is one of the domains ruled by the emperor of Maat, the sky nation is governed by the Eneats tribes 12 ruling families after the emperor conquered our lands we were asked to always provide a couple from the ruling families to be the King and Queen of the sky nation, this time I Tabitha was chosen and my betroth was Frederick Bacchus from the Bacchus family, a young Noble gentleman who by No Doubt I knew will take care of me and the nation to his best of capabilities I and Frederick were given three months to get to know each other before our marriage,

On our first date, Fredrick offered to take me to one of the sky Islands but he got called and we later found ourselves in the slums of Sky Nations called Middle Earth, as the Princess of one of the noblest tribes I’ve never really passed the capital city, all my life I’ve always lived in the protection of the city walls and my family so I never knew how truly bad it was outside our walls, we lived in wealth and flourished in knowledge, beauty and sophistication but our people were suffering with chaos and violence all around them, passing by an alleyway I watched in horror as Thugs ganged up on an 8-year-old boy I tried to tell Fredrick to stop them but he said things like this happen and it’s none of our business I stood there hoping and praying to see something that will make what he said implausible, so I waited until I saw a little girl crying trying to fight off the thugs and at that moment I knew her tears were not for someone who doesn’t deserve them.

I knew some of my father’s soldiers were following us so I instructed them to stop the thugs, I reached out to the kids as they told me where they lived, I approach Frederick apologetically for what I’ve done but he just dismissed me telling me he has something to do if saving children is why he invited me out.

I stood there perplexed that he actually left me there, I followed the children to their house only to find out it was a cave hideout where orphans of different ages lived many of the children looked starved for weeks maybe even more before I left the Kid one of the older boys blew a horn and all the children gathered in their saddened moment and hard life the children had time they smiled I asked what was happening and that was when I heard about the Flying Duchess, the children gather around to hear the heroic tales of the flying Duchess, she saved the people in their time of hardship.

She once stopped the selling of human beings by defeating every slave trader in sky nation and all around the empire of Maat and after she saved the people she fell in love with her prince and they lived happily ever after, the children idolize the Flying Duchess, they imprint her spirit of rebellion upon themselves with each story and live for another day hoping for the day that the Flying Duchess will save them from Damnation and protect them from their current state of constantly being captured into slavery.

I laid on my bed at night thinking about all that happened that day, was I supposed to neglect everything I saw or was I supposed to act on it, at last, I decided to ask my father if I could carry some supplies to the orphans upon my conversation with my father I lead my female maids and a dozen of men from the army of Anubis.

I shared the food and from that day with the help of my father I did my best to protect them from harm, one night I was called to one of the homes provided for the children upon my arrival I was told that one of the older female orphans died from an overdose of a relaxative drug that was completely banned from Sky nation, the first boy I stop from getting beat up by thugs told me that the thugs were a part of a slave Trading group that have been forcing them to sell those drugs and some of them tend to get addicted to it, I asked for my father’s help and that was when I was stopped my father was not the ruler of Sky nation and all the noise that I’ve been making are causing a lot of problem for both him and the tribe.

People knew about the orphans but nobody interferes because that was how Society was, I felt sad and very disappointed about the realities of my tribesmen, I’m I to let these children fall back to their old ways, or should I just stay and watch them all die off one by one.

I reached out to Fedrick only to hear his spite and anger, that for the past month that we were supposed to be getting closer to each other I was busy wasting my time with a bunch of orphans Frederick begged in a soft tone after noticing my reluctance to stop what I was doing but all I did was bid him farewell and went back to the palace, a week later I tried my best with clothes and provisions for the children but upon my arrival, I was welcomed with a terrible and heart-wrenching news the slave Traders attacked the camp house and some of the older orphans who tried to fight back were killed and the other once were captured including some of the children I tried looking for help but nobody was listening anymore so I decided to take things into my hands if I can at least find the location of the slave trade as I can at least Alert the authorities or ask once again for help from the army of Anubis.

I tracked the slave Traders to the forest with the help of the Guardian of the skies at my entry I saw the slavers sleeping and that’s when an idea came to me ‘maybe I can save them myself’ I sneaked to where the children were kept and untied them but unfortunately for us the slave Traders woke up and began to shoot at us with arrows chasing us into the far reaches of the Mountains, I hid behind a rock contemplating my options as I watch some of the children die from the choices I’ve made, what made me think I had the power to save them, I was nothing but just a princess, my heart broke as a silence engulf my heart and in that moment i heard his voice “you may just be a princess but you are also a daughter of Ra” and at that moment I felt it, I felt the power of Ra fill my veins.

I was granted domain over the skies and the air, my eyes glowed as I tore a part of my dress and covered my face to hit my identity before raising the dust to hide and then flying into the sky before raising the air around the slavers as it came like a hurricane and all of them were defeated and as they fell some of them had their pockets torn apart and that’s when I saw the Bacchus gold and realised that Frederick’s family were the ones paying the slave Traders to import the drug that was banned in sky nation, I took a document from the leader of the slave traders where Fredrick had signed and gave it to my father, the entire sky nation came together and billed the Bacchus clan for their atrocities and their desecrations.

Unlike the Flying Duchess, I never got my prince but one thing I know is, even though I can’t be as heroic as the Flying duchess I will forever fight for Justice liberty and freedom of my people, the sky is my domain and everything under is under my protection for I am Tabitha of the house of Ra.

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