The Ghost of Gold Town

In a small town with a population of around two thousand people, there lived two brothers. Much like most of the men above the age of sixteen, they got jobs in the mine and worked ten to sixteen hours daily

When mining, one spends the majority of their time underground, they make their way through the narrow tunnels sometimes on their feet and other times on all fours, crawling with their little headlamps and torches to guide their way

Before getting the job, each one of them has to be trained on how to properly read a map and other safety measures to make sure that in case of an accident they could find their way out and no one would lose their lives. It was a risky job after all

These two brothers didn’t do this, because of their uncle’s connections they were hired right away and were put to work in the deepest parts since that was where they were most likely to strike gold, in the unexplored areas

Their uncle didn’t do this out of spite but love since there hadn’t been an accident in years and with the advancement of mining technology it was very unlikely that anything bad would happen to them

One day, when the two brothers were working away, axing pieces of the earth away with each swing of their arm, one of them hit something. He stopped and looked around to see if anyone had heard the sound but everyone else was busy doing their own work

He then used his gloved hands to rub away the dirt and there it was… shining gold. He quickly picked some dirt off the ground and covered the hole he had made, it was almost closing time and he had a plan

A few minutes later, the bell was rung and they all proceeded to leave the mines after a day of hard work. As they were leaving, he pulled his brother to the side and whispered what he had found to him, and told him his plan

Later, outside the mines, they took roll call and everybody headed home. They on the other hand hid in the bushes and waited till everybody had left then they picked up their axes and some bags and made their way back into the mine

They got to the deepest part where they had been working and the brother hit the part where he had found the gold earlier and a large part of the surface fell off and the gold he thought was small was far larger than he had expected

They both stared in amazement before doing a little victory dance. Then they rushed and chipped off as much gold as they could carry before it was too late but by the time they were done, several hours had passed by

They started to make their way out of the mine in a hurry but every time they took a turn and the next one they would end up exactly where they started. They tried a few more times thinking that it was their inexperience that was causing this not knowing what sort of calamity had befallen them

They tried again and again and again but no luck. They kept returning to where they had picked the gold. One of them was scared to death but the other wasn’t, he tried to take another look at the gold they had chipped from. There were some strange markings on it

He suddenly felt scared too and warned his brother that they needed to drop the gold and run for it but his brother refused. They argued about this for a while but his brother was adamant about keeping the gold, he wanted to make it big and leave their small town

The wise brother eventually let go of his gold but the stubborn one didn’t, they both tried to leave again but this time only the wise brother found the way out of the mine and his brother was nowhere to be found

He rushed back in and checked where the gold was but it was gone and so was his brother, he became terrified and rushed to call for help. He rushed from door to door since it was late in the night and explained what had happened to the other miners and they all came rushing to the mine to help him look

They searched from morning till daybreak but they couldn’t find a sign of the brother or the gold. They eventually gave up and after a year, threw him a funeral

But it became a common thing among the miners to occasionally hear screams and laughter within the narrow tunnels of the mine.

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