The Girl Within the Rabbit’s Hole

In my silence, I never knew what it meant to exist

In my agony, I never knew what a promise was

In my ignorance, I only knew what it meant to trust

But a broken promise and an unyielding trust

Has become a blurry image with the fleeting of time

In a world within a room

In a room filled with fragmented souls

Those who yearn to be born again

And as boundless time is

Only those in the valley are bounded by it

Waiting in slumber for those who yearn for might and power

But the innocence that clouded my soul and heart

Was that of a child from another world

For mine was riddled with the tragedies of those who hunt and those who are hunted

For magic only lies within the heart of those who seek mischief and chaos

And amidst our chaos

In two we came

Our blood we share

To seek, to transcend

The stars beyond

But in my solitude, I knew only the fleeting image of betrayal

For the quest for might and power is for those who are chosen

And we are children of the dark

Lost, in search of that which is a mystery

For our place is not with them

And as boundless as time maybe

Only those in the valley are bounded by it

And as they came for us

So did the calming fear that threatened to consume our souls

For those who hunt but were not hunters

Those who seek those who do not belong

And within our plight came the thought that broke the bond we shared

A soul sacrificed for the freedom of another

Crippled with fear and anxiety as I fall deeper into despair

Lonesome, yearning for the touch that soothes the tainted blood

That courses through my veins

Where was she?

Where was the sisterhood she preached about?

Will she come back for me?

Was a pawn all I was to you, who is my blood?

And as the raindrop fell so did the mist-covered

Sealed by the magic of another, I became the bewilderment

Of those who sought to be born again

Alone and unprotected, with no magic

They came for me

For the longer, you stay in the valley

The stronger they become

Latching onto my soul-consuming all that is me to survive within me

And as I stumble within my slumber

Unable to protect me

Unable to fight back

Only the recurring pain that occurs when a stronger one attaches itself to me

Makes me remember the bond we shared that was broken

That led me to where I am

And as time became adamant

Only the thought of freedom

And the yearning for vengeance

Quells the rage in my soul

And the need for chaos and mischief

fuels the depth of my soul

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