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The Goblin’s Curse

I find myself reminiscing about our journey, the storm that bellowed the seas, the raging thunder, and lightning that covered the skies, the cruel waves of horror that threatened to send us to our demise, The Silver Runner was capable but the morale of the crew was bringing it down, for its captain was no longer its captain, I have lost in the battle of the finest and it was time to pass it on.

In our search for where to belong we plundered and looted treasures from different worlds In different times, never the less came my defeat as my greed took me in search for that which never was mine, to begin with, lost and broken the seas that covered the water planet threatened to break The Silver Runner, I looked at my crew as despair covered their faces, they were tired and exhausted broken as the memories of our defeat fresh upon their minds, they were yearning for a captain, wishing all was the way it was before our thirst took over our souls, realizing we have no home anymore and all was truly lost, I decided to let go of all that held me back and The Silver Runner was once again able siphon enough energy from the crew to take us to another world.

Here I am back within the race of eternity, in a world beyond that of man imaginations and expectation, A Goblin I find myself plagued by the ghost of a destroyed world, Human beings on this planet that the silver runner brought us to were on the verge of extinction, they who once had the power of the flame but forgot who they were and preyed upon any other creature pushing them all to the dark and now after the long Era of oppression the creatures have gone through they have gotten the power of the flame and have now overrun the entire planet pushing humanity to extinction.

In this local town of Brown hill, I became a witness, a witness yearning to stop been a bystander, but I never knew I was just an outsider who didn’t know how deep the cut was, they secluded the humans selling them into slavery if they were captured, some were experimented upon, while some were endlessly tortured, I looked around searching for a reason, something to condone their actions since I too was a creature, I was one of them, we who once suffered.

One day unable to hold back my dismal I proceeded to a bar and filled my tummy with the holy elixir two fine beautiful bottles of rum and when the night finally came to shone I decided to walk back to The Silver Runner, as I was walking down an ally I heard muffled screams but my senses could see at night even though a little blurry I checked and to my surprise it was a vampire drinking the life out of a human girl after he had already raped her unable to hold back my rage and anger anymore I attacked the vampire, he ran away with a bloodied face cursing me for stopping his fun with his slave.

I carried the girl back to my ship not caring the wrath I might concur upon myself and my crew, As weeks pass the news of the goblin that saved a human child spread across the kingdom, many insulted me while others wanted my head for being a traitor to my brethren, I began thinking about leaving this planet but we had just arrived and our supply was still on the low, I decided to stay thinking it would not be that bad but to my surprise, I became a fugitive for that one act that I did and unfortunately for me those who were truly dangerous were those who came for me, and as I lay within the ship I heard screams and all I could think of was ‘has someone finally come’, I rushed out only to see him, a man but not a man his aura felt off, a wizard and judging by the energy I was perceiving I knew he was truly powerful, I walked out telling my crewmates to prepare the Silver Runner for a jump.

I fought the wizard thinking I could win not knowing what true power was, the wizard captured me and fought off any member of my crew who tried to fight him, he placed me within a magic circle before he started chanting and at that moment I felt a chill run down my spine, the wizard chanted as a golden flaming sword appeared in his hand, he looked into my eyes as he pierces the sword through my heart and with that an unbearable amount of pain filled my vein as my blood began to boil in rage.

I struggle in agony as my chest burns and as the sword vanishes within me engraving itself within my soul and being, I heard his words “suffer for eternity for the pain you have so overlooked caused by that which you have chosen to protect and yearn for the end of eternity as you watch all you hold dear fade into existence”, the words of a deceiver and though my soul remains shrewd and shattered and all I seek is a saviour for my soul belongs to me but my heart belongs to another, he brought down the barrier as I jumped out running to the silver runner as she jumped into another world, and now as I find myself within an eternal unyielding journey searching for a reprise on how to free myself from the curse of the wizard I was cursed for eternity and so did the curse affected my crew, and now the Silver Runner has become the ship of Goblins out of time, in search of where to belong.

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