The God Killer

Sealed within petals, integra
Stayed with a rage of endless souls
Devoured by the anguish of another
Bounded by darkness she seeks
Eternal Death and Chaos upon
Her wielder’s soul.

To seek a life unknown to her
She awaits a wielder that will
Finally bring an end to her madness

Olaremi, soaked in red, bathed in blood
The autumn leaves shall fall
Hardened by drought

Broken in breeze
Devoured by the sun
Dancing in the Blood
Of gods and vengeance
Sullen with the regrets and
grievances of her past
A curse to wonder in existence

Everything that grows
Shall surely fall
And all that lives
Shall surely die
A life lived for the moment
Shortened by the vileness
rotten away its roots

All that is left is retribution
Against the system,
Against the order
If men are to be judged,
Let them be judged
By their actions
Not the choices unknown
To them nor their fate.

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