The Hand Maiden

In lost times, men had the best of courage and security.

‘Kurt’, a planet with a fragmented valley, far from the home of the phoenixes and home to weaker spirits…

“My name is Mary and as I stand here, I declare my sad existence as a handmaiden, free to be used and tossed from master to master. Today, it all ends! After I pass out and become an official pilot, the world’s borders would not be able to hold me down!”


“Mary again sir! How long are we going to go over the book and any other subjects or topics relating to soul magic sir!?”

“Shut it and sit back down” I finally replied and continued with my lecture. “Because of our distance from the phoenixes home, we also have a fragmented valley. Now, who can tell me what one finds within the valley?” I asked the unmotivated class and paused for a while. They didn’t respond so I carried on.

“Now back to our myths and legends. Lucy, Angelica Vermont and creatures like the traveller fall under our most controversial topics but their actions can barely be seen in some instances throughout history”

“Our lives itself you could say have been fashioned differently since their arrival with instances like the generational switch that brought our universe to its knees. With the power and concepts of travelling through space, development speeds up and that’s one of the more practical examples of their impact.”

“One more time sir!” Mary yelled standing up again. I was tired of seeing her enthusiastic self.

“Do we get our medals now?” she asked

“Of course” I replied but maybe it was because I didn’t smile when I was supposed to and she felt even worse. I can no longer tell, so much time has passed and all I can do is hope she is doing okay with her school.

I cleared my desk and picked up my briefcase and headed for the door.

I thought that if I left my office, I’d be able to forget about her and keep my head low. It’s nothing to worry about though, it was just business as usual.

I was starting to think again so I speed up, as I passed by a group of homeless people who were hoarding together for warmth. I heard them say the “headmaster” and froze in my tracks.

“No way” I shook my head and walked even faster to my house. When I got home, I couldn’t hold it back anymore and ran to get my viewing glass. I tried to reach the headmistress but no one was answering. I tried again and again and before long, it connected

“Hey-“ I was about to say but the person who picked the call wasn’t her.

Before he could utter a word I asked rudely “Where is she!?”

He looked at me for a second then said with annoyance “She’s dead” and cut the connection.

I stood there lifeless, I had just lost my only friend… if only I was paying attention. My house was under surveillance and the viewing glass had given me away. I could hear their sirens and didn’t want to get caught, so I vanished….

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