Action, Adventure, Drama, Epic Fantasy, Fantasy Thriller,

The Haunted Demon

My life is my life I’m a host of one

A host of many I have no name

If not that which was given to me

I have no worth If not that which

Has been prophesized, My purpose is my purpose

I need no pity from the woes of men

Their fear is my pride, their fear is my power

My name knows no bounds

For Haunted Halloween Is my Curse

And Haunted Halloween Is my Name

“Fear me, Fear me Until I become the most dreaded in existence”

Words I swore upon, Words I wish, if I had known

Will come back to haunt me I wouldn’t have said

Not the least thought about them

Here I am at the pinnacle of everything

The champion of a mad man, A deceiver

But why do I feel doubt?

Why is my will shaking?

Why has Haunted Halloween

Haunted my dreams?

Have i forgotten my origins

Or have i taken a cause Too much for me

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