The Humble Visitor

In a land of brewing chaos, all schools around were military but even though the school welcomed all, it had an elitist section where those of higher ranks were raised.

A boy who hated the physical training would run from his station every day to go and listen to the higher kids in class from a little window on the side of the roof at the back of the class.

Every day, he would come early and start class with them and every night he would return home and be punished for ditching his duties.

One day, when he was at the window watching, as usual, the teacher was pulled away and the students had a free period. A particular kid was dragged by his classmates and spread on the table for flogging. The boy, having a strong sense of justice ran into class to stop them.

The moment he entered and spoke, the class fell to his tone, he spoke some more and sent them back to their seats.

The teacher, coming back in a haste, heard the strong voice that was issuing orders and rushed into the class to express his admiration for that student. He saw the boy standing and the obedient class and thanked him sending him to his seat… but the boy didn’t have a seat.

The teacher stopped and took a closer look at him and realised who he was, he was a strong believer in hierarchy himself so what he just did, disgusted him.

The boy was taken to the headmaster’s office for punishment by the teacher but the headmaster was impressed by the boy instead and re-admitted him to join the class from the next term.

That was the birth of this hero…

That’s what they told kids after he vanished, but deep down inside, they all knew he was meeting the humble visitor up on the roof where no one else would ever go…

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